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Insurers stepping up their game

Insurers stepping up their game
RW and ERW advocate the companys True Customer Centricity service model which aspires to offer customers service that is Fast, Easy, Reliable. - Photo courtesy of Allianz
KUALA LUMPUR: Allianz General Insurance Company Malaysia’s Road Warrior and Enhanced Road Warrior (ERW) is aiming to ease the inconvenience of road accidents for customers.

A data by the Road Transport Department stated that a total of 521,466 accidents were recorded in 2016, an increase from 489,606 in 2015.

RW and ERW advocate the company’s True Customer Centricity service model which aspires to offer customers service that is Fast, Easy, Reliable.

Customer service for Allianz is when the customer doesn’t need to do anything.

FAQs on the Enhanced Road Warrior

1. What does the product offer?
Enhanced Road Warrior is one of the best car assistance programs in the market it’s available 24/7, 365 days a year. In the event of a vehicle breakdown, minor roadside repairs will be attempted. Failing that, the individual can use the 24 hour emergency towing service to panel workshops or even their home, as there is no distance limit, unlike many other car assistance programs.

In addition, it covers taxi, car rental and hotel accommodation; whether it’s assistant in arranging for these services or their reimbursement.

While mainly sold as a 24 Hour Car Assistance Program, Enhanced Road Warrior actually offers far more. Its interesting array of protection includes personal accident coverage for drivers and their passengers, free car replacement, compassionate cover and flood cover.

2. How long would the free car replacement be provided?

Don’t fret, as Allianz has the solutions to your car worries.

The tables below will be your easy and quick guidance.

This depends on the type of Plan chosen:

You can opt for an additional 7 days car replacement service chargeable at RM95.40 (inclusive of GST) per year.

3. Another interesting sounding benefit is the compassionate cover. What exactly does that mean?

In the event of a total loss or theft claim, you will receive an amount equivalent to 10% of the Sum Insured of the vehicle, subject to a maximum of:

This is subject to your vehicle being insured under a Private Car Comprehensive Motor Policy or a Third Party Fire and Theft Policy. For Third Party Fire and Theft, the total loss must be due to fire or theft only.

4. How does flood cover work?

In the event of damage to vehicle due to flood, Allianz will pay up to RM1,500.00 for the costs of repairs to the vehicle. For flood cover, the police report, original receipts, photographs of before and repairs will be required for reimbursement.

5. Is there a basic eligibility to apply for the plan?

Vehicle owners have to be aged between 17 to 80 years.

6. What are the prices like for the Enhanced Road Warrior?

Allianz Enhanced Road Warrior

NOTE: The coverage prices stated do not include GST and stamp duty.

Rest assured, Allianz is here to take care of your safety on the road! Find out more here: