Christoph Mueller bids farewell to MAB in September

Christoph Mueller bids farewell to MAB in September
In ensuring continuity and an orderly succession, Mueller will serve a six-month notice period to September 2016. - File Photo
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia  Airlines  Berhad  (MAB)  today  announced  that  its chief executive officer  and  managing  director Christoph Mueller will leave the company in September 2016, following  his request to depart before the end of his three-year contract.

In ensuring continuity and an orderly succession, Mueller will serve a six-month notice period to September 2016.
Following this, he has expressed his intention to the MAB Board of Directors (BOD) to remain with the airline as Non-Executive Director.

"The  Board  has  acknowledged  Mr  Mueller’s  plan  to  leave  ahead  of  time,  which  is  due to  his  changing personal  circumstances,  and  has  commenced  a  search  for  a  new  CEO,  which  will  encompass  both internal and external potential candidates," said MAB in a statement here today.
MAB chairman Tan Sri Md Nor Yusof said the company was disappointed to lose Christoph as CEO but  we  fully  understand  his  reasons  and  respect  his  need  to  do  this. 

“On behalf of the Board, the  management team and the employees, I want to thank Christoph for his immense contribution to the  restructuring of Malaysia Airlines. Since he joined, Christoph has made a significant impact in putting the airline on the desired trajectory towards full recovery and we appreciate all his efforts.

"His hard work over the last year has seen Malaysia Airlines set on a path where there has already been encouraging progress.  There  are  other  significant  strategic  decisions  already  in  the  pipeline  which  Christoph  has made  preparations  for  and  will  manage  through," said Md Nor.

MAB said the  Board  is  actively  working  to  search  for  a  new  CEO,  after  which  Mueller  has  indicated  his  intention  to  stay  on  as  Non-Executive  Director of the Board to facilitate an orderly transition.

The Board has also appointed Chief Operations  Officer  Peter  Bellew  as  Executive  Director  on  the  MAB  Board  with  immediate  effect.  He  joins  Chief Financial Officer Omar Siddiq, who is already an Executive Director on the Board.”

Mueller joined the Board of Malaysia Airlines  System Berhad (MAS) as a Non-Executive Director 1 January 2015 and became CEO-designate of MAB on 1 March 2015.

He succeeded Ahmad Jauhari Yahya as Managing Director and CEO of MAS on 1 May 2015.

As MAB CEO, his primary tasks were to lead the turnaround of the national carrier and to build local succession, for which he has laid firm foundations with a strong management team in place.

“I am proud of what we have achieved as a team in such a short time and that the hard work  of  all  of  our  employees  is  already  showing  the  first  signs  of  success.  I am looking forward  to continuing this exciting task for another six months in my executive position,” said Mueller in the statement.

“Unfortunately, personal circumstances will make it difficult for me to complete my full term. The  airline has been restructured  and  re-positioned  to  regain  its  leading  position  in  customer  experience  and  to  continue  to  connect Malaysia with the world.

“I am confident that the company is now on the right track to succeed in its next phase of growth under a new CEO. I remain fully committed to do everything possible to facilitate the continuing turnaround of Malaysia Airlines,” he added.