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Awani This Week

  • Gadget Nation: Nokia Lumia 925

    Gadget Nation this week will see a review on Nokia Lumia 925 as well as an interview with Gary Chan, Head of Marketing Nokia PAC.

  • In Realty: Updates on Malaysia's hospitality service

    Linawati Adnan revisits Fairlane Hospitality for updates on Malaysia's hospitality service and asset management.

  • In Focus: Brunei's arts industry

    Shafizan Johari heads to Brunei to discover how their arts industry is slowly being created and nurtured through their first feature film production.

  • In Focus: Swimming in the ocean of the intoxicated fishing community

    Cynthia Ng explores the world of drugs and encounters drug addicts among Malaysian fishing industry.

  • In Focus goes to Singapore

    Zan Azlee goes to Singapore and hangs out with musician Art Fazil, filmmaker Martyn See and humourist blogger Mr. Brown.

  • Vantage Point: Threats in the cyber world

    Kamarul Bahrin Haron talks to Drew Williams, CEO of Condition Zebra, on cyber security, safeguarding critical infrastructure and information systems for governments, businesses and individuals.

  • Gadget Nation: Nokia Asha 501 and Gamers Station

    Gadget Nation takes a first look on the Nokia Asha 501 and Gamers Station, games that are developed by Malaysians which are available on Windows 8 phones.

  • In Realty goes green living

    This episode is all about green living concept as In Realty heads to the country's first green township, Ken Rimba.

  • Vantage Point: The creation of Bangsamoro

    Cynthia Ng talks to Murad Ebrahim, Chairman of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) & Tengku Datuk Abdul Ghafar Tengku Mohamed, the Malaysian facilitator in the Mindanao Peace Process.

  • In Realty: Rights every property owners should know

    Linawati Adnan talks to Royal Institution of Surveyors' Malaysia (RISM) to share the low down on the rights that every stratified property owners should know.

  • In Focus: OrphanCARE

    In Focus pays a visit to OrphanCARE, an NGO that started the controversial baby hatch where pregnant mothers can leave their unwanted babies anonymously.

  • In Person: Edmond Yap

    Edmond Yap shares what inspired him to make education, free for all, online.

  • IN GEAR: Arts of Speed 2013 plus Peugeot 208 test drive

    IN GEAR this week will bring you to the Arts of Speed 2013 and a test drive the all new Peugeot 208.

  • Saksi Mata: Inspired by extreme sports

    Catch Saksi Mata with extreme sports lover, Saiful Azhar Othman and his journey in the field.

  • Adrenalin: Volcom Wild in the Parks

    Adrenalin this week will take you to the wild side of skateboarding with extreme Music at the Malaysias first Volcom Wild in the Parks.

  • Vantage Point: Khmer Rouge

    Vantage Point this week will be going back in time when the Khmer Rouge responsible for the death of an estimated 1.7 million Cambodians.

  • Gadget Nation focusing on Nokia Asha 501 and many more!

    Catch Nokia Asha 501, Elite Pad 900, Project Kickstarter, Surface RT Window Tablet and Dumb Ways to Die on Gadget Nation this week.

  • First Page shares joyous moments of the 1992 Thomas Cup win

    Catch First Page this week as we share the joyous moments of the 1992 Thomas Cup win with Razif Sidek, Kenny Goh and Rizal Hashim.

  • Vantage Point: Unity and the Federal Constitution

    This week's topic is on how Malaysia's Federal Constitution has brought unity to Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak since 1963.

  • Vantage Point: Education 2.0

    Is our education system maximising the potential of the digital platform?